Delaware Shore Board of Directors

Board of Directors:
Harold Purnell
Mike Eisenhour, executive director
Joe D’Amico
Brittany Bailey
Eric Gooch
Tracey Yeager
Paula Ryan
Stephanie Brown

Fund Raising Chm:
Joe D’Amico
Tracey Yeager
Stephanie Brown

Haxton Scholarship Committee:
Sue Lore, Chairperson emeritus
Brittany Bailey
Jacki Warren
Stephanie Brown, Chair
Haxton Family Representative

Annual Board of Directors meeting is now established as the second Sunday in November as per Board of Directors decision (Nov 2008).

Board Committee Assignments as of February 2016

By-Laws: Bill Purnell, Joe D’Amico, Paula Ryan

Haxton Grant Program: Brittany Bailey, Stephanie Brown

Fund Raising: Joe D’Amico, Tracey Yeager, Stephanie Brown

Competition and Future Planning: Eric Gooch, Brittany Bailey

Personnel and Succession Planning: Paula Ryan, Tracey Yeager, Eric Gooch, Stephanie Brown