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Recent changes in NCAA recruiting rules affecting field hockey

The NCAA recently passed legislation meant to limit early recruiting, so we asked our SportsRecruits Insights team member, Chris Ruhl–who formerly worked in a Division 1 compliance office at Lehigh University–to breakdown the rule changes. Here’s a quick blog post from him with everything you need to know:

NCAA DI Council Passes New Legislation to Halt Early Recruiting  
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Recruiting Advise From Coach Skoglund


College coach is looking for 1 player to fill the roster for the upcoming season.(Having coached at the junior high and high school levels for many years, where you can actually get to know your players, I can only imagine how challenging this must be-when there are so many choices!)

What a college coach can OBSERVE at a college showcase:

1. Player who demonstrates good hockey skills-speed, passing the ball, movement off the ball, passing with a purpose, good stops, “looking up” off the dribble, use of dodges to avoid a tackle, good defensive saves, goal scoring! Is the player holding the ball too long?

2. Player who exhibits “good sportsmanship” on and off the field- if a player is accidentally tripped, the player who caused the fall extends a hand to “help up” or says “I’m sorry!” Kindness is everything!

3. Does the player LISTEN when the coach is talking to the team, or is she having her own conversation with a teammate?

4. Does the player communicate in a positive manner with her teammates… or is she bossy or degrading?

5.Is the player hustling on the field all the time, or only when the ball comes to her? Does she hustle to help a teammate who may have fallen and needs back-up?

6. During the pre-game warm-up, is this player slacking or is she actually working hard?

7. Does the player follow the rules of the game or is she constantly getting a green or yellow card, which puts her team at a disadvantage?

While many aspects of the game of field hockey have changed over the 50+ years I have played and coached the sport, two things remain constant:

          1. score goals

          2. prevent goals


Coach Skoglund