Indoor League

Delaware Shore’s Indoor leagues (Elementary Division and Senior Division)
will begin on Sunday, January 5, 2020 and all games are played on Sundays with the exception of President’s weekend. There are two divisions with the Elementary Division consisting of Grades 0-3 and the Senior Division consisting of those in grades 4 and beyond. Teams are structured to be equally balanced and all get nearly equal playing time. All games are umpired by Delaware Shore trained umpires and coaches are expected to be on the floor working with the athletes (elementary Division).





2/2/20 Super Bowl Weekend has early game time starts


2/17/20 (a Monday due to President’s Day)


3/1/20 if needed due to weather issues!

all games will be held at the Mariner Middle School Gym.


Rosters and schedules will be available about two weeks before the start of the season.

More Information:

Opening day of Indoor League

De Shore (namely Ike and other draftees) does the custodial service for the gym and we have some rules that we must follow:

Only water inside the gym, NO sport drinks of any kind in the GYM. If you spill, then you MUST clean it up. Trash goes into the trashcans and does not get left on the floor. Keep all stick bags and back packs on the carpet by the team chairs during your game.

 When you arrive, check in with the scorekeeper at the score table.

No one may play in the back hallway. That area is only to give you access to the bathrooms.

DO NOT SIT ON TOP ON ANY BLEACHERS THAT ARE NOT EXTENDED! Sit behind the protective screens for your safety!

The speed limit is 25 mph in the town of Milton and I do not have any pull to get you out of a ticket.

If your team is listed first you wear your white side out and if listed second you wear your blue side out. Games start promptly so you need to arrive 5-10 minutes early to find your coaches, check in at the scorebook (move badge from lobby to scorer table) and be ready to play. Make sure you clean your area before you leave so there is no ‘lost and found’ to deal with each night.

If a parent wants to be notified in case of weather issues, you MUST text Ike at 302-236-4265 with your name and athlete’s name so I can create a text group.

See you on 1/5/20