Summer 2019 Skills Training Groups


Training is at 5:00 – 5:55 promptly beginning Monday, June 10th, and will conclude after 10 sessions on July 10).

Training station coaches are: Ike Eisenhour, Lexi Gooch, Madi Cook, Kayleigh Cordrey, Alexa Rhodunda, Cami Cook, Tina Gooding and Bill Geppert.

If your name is not listed below, you have probably forgotten to register for 2019-2020 travel!

Lists will be updated as registration occur.

Training Group A: Riley Cordrey, Riley Klopp, Hailey Moore, Abby Kane, Kaylee Hall, Chloe Whittaker, LeeLee Wilson, Abby Anderson, Maggie Mitchell, Ann Stancofski

Training Group B: Sommer Dorman, Emma Moore, Liv Muir, Lori Sapp, Sierra Manifold, Emma Sekscinski, Maddie Sekscinski, Emma Westbrook, Ryla Wilber, 

Training Group C: Kinsley Hall, Elise Westbrook, Hannah Maney, Carrie Clausius, Madison Simpson, Natalee Petty, Aubrie Myers, Peyton Moore

Training Group D: Madison Windsor, Addy Basile, Chloe Wood, Addison Wood, Norah Block, Meredith Schiff, Shea Danahy, Leah Metzner, Aubrey Hershelman, Kailey McMahon, Lucy Mongeluzo

Training Group GK: Allyson Clark, Mikayla Smith, Marlee Geppert, Mycah Smith, Eve Sekscinski, Myla Smith, Blair Chubb, Alayna Martinez, Regan Best