DE Shore Alumni

 Dedicated to the Program Award (Ike Award)

2013- Sydney Smyk

2014- Rachel Hagan

2015- Anna Steiner

2016- Marcella Sabbagh

2017- Darby Klopp

2018- Maci Long

2019- Marlee Geppert

2020- Maggie Dawson

2021- Sommer Dorman

2022- Joslin Cain


Congratulations to the following for fall All-Conference awards:

Cami Smith, All-Conf 1st Offense, 1st All-State

Amanda Sponaugle, All-Conf 1st Offense

Lacy Bayley, All-Conf 1st Offense

Allie Davis, All-Conf 1st Mid, 1st All-State

Marcella Sabbagh, All-Conf 1st Defense , 1st All-State

Anna Stancofski, All-Conf 1st Defense, 2nd All-State

Maddie Wilber, All-Conf 1st Midfield, 2nd All-State

Darby Klopp, All-Conf 2nd Midfield

Rylie Cordrey, All-Conf 2nd Midfield

Kaylee Hall, All-Conf 2nd Midfield

Julia Hollenbeck, All-Conf 2nd Midfield

Marlee Geppert, All-Conf 2nd GK


Anna Harrington, All-Conf Honorable Mention

And congratulations to our college athletes for their 2018 fall efforts:

Kaila Hindt, 1st team in the AEC

Krissy Fuhr, 2nd team in the AEC

Alyssa More, 2nd team in the Liberty

Maria McGoin, HM in the Liberty

Alexa Rhodunda, 2nd team in the MAC Freedom

Lexi Gooch, 2nd team in the MAC Liberty & 3rd in the NCAA D3 for defensive saves!

Carey Karl, 2nd team in the SAC

Way to go LADIES!

Most Recent Alumni of Delaware Shore:

Gina Voss, University of Delaware Club, graduated
Christina Bristowe, University of Delaware Club, graduated
Sarah More, Juniata College, graduated
Ryan Taylor, Cabrini College, graduated
Karissa LeMaire, Lynchburg College, graduated
Kelly Smith, University of Delaware Club, graduated
Sydney Smyk, University of Delaware Club, graduated
Alyssa More '15: Vassar College, 2017 Captain, 2018 Captain, 2018 Liberty League Champs, NCAA tourney- Sweet Sixteen!, graduated
Stacey Staley '15: Roanoke College, graduated
Rachel Hagan '15: ASU Club and Umpire, graduated
Christina Gooding '15: McDaniel College, graduated Cum Laude!
Maria McGloin '15: Ithaca College, 2018 ECAC post season tournament, graduated

Jackie Beeson '15: University of Delaware Club, graduated

Sydney Ostroski '16: West Chester University, 2018 and 2019 DII final four, 2019 National Champion, graduated
Madi Cook '16: Long Island University Brooklyn, Wesley College, graduated
Carey Karl '16: Queens University of Charlotte, NC, 2018 Conference runner up, 2019 regular season conference champs, 2019 Conference tourney champion, graduated
Casey Wakai '16: Haverford College, graduated
Carly Dmiterchik '16: Arcadia University, 2018 ECAC runner up, 2019 ECAC runner up, graduated
Lexi Gooch '16: Eastern University, 2018 Defensive Save Leader, 2018 2nd team in Conference, graduated in 3 years Magna Cum Laude!
Madi Irwin '16: Professional Umpire
Katie Fuhr '16: Lynchburg College, Wesley College 2017, 2018 Atlantic EastChamps, graduated
Kaila Hindt '16: Lynchburg College, Wesley College 2017, 2018 Atlantic EastChamps, 2018 1st team AEC
Amanda Hennen '16: Shennendoah College, graduated
Alexa Rhodunda '17: DeSales University, 2018 2nd team in Conference, graduated
Lexi Haden '17: University of Delaware club
Kristen Fuhr '18: Wesley College, 2018 Atlantic EastChamps, 2018 2nd team AEC
Madilyn McKay '18: Bloomsburg University
Kaleigh Cordrey '18: Coker College, S.C., Frostburg State University 2022
Mya Parks '18: McDaniel College
Cami Cook '18: Limestone College: 2018 SAC/CC conference tourney champs, 2019 SAC/CC conference tourney champs, graduated, 2022 Covid season and masters program
Lizzie Soucy '18: PSU club, graduated
Lacy Bayley '19: Slippery Rock University
Allie Davis '19: Salisbury University, 2019 CAC Champs, 2019 NCAA final four
Anna Harrington '19: Washington College, captain for 2022
Darby Klopp '19: Franklin & Marshall College, 2019 Rookie of the Year, 2019 NCAA final four, 2019 NCAA Runner-Up
Maci Long '19: Salisbury University, 2019 CAC Champs, 2019 NCAA final four
Marcella Sabbagh '19: Christopher Newport University, 2022 member of the Puerto Rico National Team #21
Amanda Sponaugle '19: Newberry University, McDaniel College (Jan 2020)
Maddie Wilber '19: VCU
Congratulations to the following Delaware Shore Athletes:

Amanda DeLoy: Three time National Champion, NCAA DII, Bloomsburg University

Amanda Maloney: NCAA Division III, Sweet Sixteen, Eastern University

Jordan Warrington: NCAA Division III, Sweet Sixteen, Lynchburg College

Jacki Coveleski: Player of the Year - Delaware 2011

Jenna Steele: Final Four 2012, Mary Washington University

Alexa Hendrickson: Sweet Sixteen 2012, Christopher Newport University

Kaci Coveleski and Caroline Judge, Sweet Sixteen NCAA DI 2012, Northeastern University

Jenna Steele, 1st team All-American 2015, career scoring leader UMW 2012-2015


Jacki Coveleski, Assistant Coach NCAA D1 Champions U of DE 2016

Alyssa More, Sweet Sixteen 2018, Vassar College
Carly Dmiterchik, 2018 ECAC Championship Game- 2nd Place, Arcadia College
Sydney Ostroski, Final Four 2018, West Chester University

Good luck to all Delaware Shore members participating on a
high school hockey team during the upcoming fall season.

Special Best Wishes to all our College Field Hockey Alumni:

Brandi Reed, LaSalle University- graduated
Beth Hitchens, Radford University- graduated 4.0!
Karli McCall, York College- graduated
Maren Ford, Princeton- graduated * USA National Team Member retired*
Amanda Warrington, University of Delaware- graduated
Catthy Perrotto, F&M- graduated
Brittany Croll, F&M- graduated
Katie Levy, Monmouth University- graduated
Lindsay Williams, Wesley College- graduated
Brittany Bailey, Wesley College- graduated
Jessica Zutz, Sanford University- graduated
Dominque Scott, East Stroudsburg U.- graduated
Holly Orlando, Cabrini College- graduated
Nikki Rhoades, University of Delaware- graduated
Samantha Coveleski, Villanova U *elected captain for 2008 season*- graduated
Kelly Menning, Virginia Wesleyan College- graduated
Katelyn Buchwald, Wesley College- graduated
Erin Bailey, Wesley College- graduated
Brooke Bennett, Wesley College- graduated
Lindsay Walker, Randolph-Macon College- graduated
Amanda DeLoy, Bloomsburg University- three time national champion- graduated
Leigh McIlvain, University of Maine- graduated
Tricia Meade, University of Delaware- graduated
Amy Shockley, Wesley College- graduated
Sloane Zarif, Washington and Jefferson College
Trisha Himes, Delaware Technical & Community College- graduated, Wilmington College
Amanda Maloney, Eastern University- graduated
Jordan Warrington, Lynchberg College- graduated
Lillie Lingo, University of North Carolina- graduated
Marissa Plummer, University of Mary Washington/ West Chester University, graduated
Kara Voss, University of Delaware now U of DE Club, graduated
Veronica D'Amico, University of Delaware Club, graduated
Abbey Hilligoss, University of North Carolina Wilmington Club
Adrian Chambers, Syracuse University, graduated
Kaci Covelseki- Northeastern University, graduated and Dr of Pharm!
Sara Kolobielski- St. Joseph University, graduated
Mieke Lynch- Brown University, graduated
Caroline Judge, Northeastern University, graduated
Rachel Oidtman, Cornell University, graduated and PhD candidate Notre Dame University
Tori Cox, Washington and Jefferson College
Devin Price, Wesley College, graduated
Jacki Coveleski, University of Delaware, graduated
Taylor Trimmer, University of Vermont now Appalachian State, graduated
Erin Ricker, Lehigh University, graduated
Alexa Hendrickson, Christopher Newport University, graduated
Jenna Steele, University of Mary Washington, 2015 First Team All-American (DIII), Career Scoring Leader UMW 2012-2015, graduated